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March is the Month to List Your Home

     Star Harbor Realty is ready to list your home.  March is a great month to put your home on the market.  People concerned with moving their children during the school year, often start looking in the month of March.  The weather may start to give people a little break and folks have cabin fever.  They have been in their home all winter discussing issues with their present home and are ready to move.  Buyers may make an offer on your home contingent of selling ther present residence but that can work to your advantage with a First Right of Refusal.  This way you can continue to market your home and if another buyer makes an offer, your client with the First Right of Refrusal has the option to continue the purchase or let party #2 step in and negotiate the deal.  Now in the situation of my son, he and his girlfriend volunteer rescue pets.  They have been in an apartment all winter because they are in college.  It has come to their attention that an apartment in the Midwest is no place for pets so now I am looking for them a home with a fenced in backyard close to campus.  My son is probably not the only person with a pet that has decided the winter has been tough and they need a home with a backyard for Fido to play in rather than out walking the fuzzy baby four time a day.  This becomes another feeder market and is another reason to list your home in March.  It can take up to 90 days to close on a home.  The exit time from the apartment to the home will be in June.  You have given the apartment complex a 90 day notice of moving, had time to tidy the apartment and hopefully get your security deposit back, which could go toward new paint for your home or a down payment on the fence you need in the back yard for Fido.

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