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The StarHarborRealty.com Indianapolis Real Estate Blog

Buying and Keeping Home Value

Indianapolis Real Estate buyers look for financial stability in a neighborhood to assist in securing the present day value into the future. Home buyers want to make sure they have some control over the chance of losing value in the future market and location seems to be one way to at least do damage control.

 Home buying makes good since.  I always tell anyone in need of financial answers to contact either an attorney, CPA or Certified Planner for assistance.  With that being said, in my own opinion, as long as we can write off the mortgage interest on our taxes, buying is better than renting, especially for financial security.

 Discounts on already low Real Estate prices can be something to fall back on in the event of a potentially declining market.  Sellers are already pricing their homes at market value and are hesitant on going below the market.  I have had some sellers ask me when would be a good time to list their home.  I always tell sellers that the spring, summer and fall times of the year have the earmarks that make it a bit more interesting for buyers to home shop rather than in the winter.  Winter time is a tough time to sell homes because people do not want to get out in the cold and it also runs into the holidays which are extremely busy for most.  Personally I have had good luck for my buyer’s in the winter due to the decline in activity.  Good home, great price, peace of mind on future home value.

 Star Harbor Realty also suggests that when buying a home and looking for an investment that will grow, verses decline, come up with a score card on the homes.  What brings value to you?  Is it the distance to your work, upscale restaurants and shopping, bus or public transportation?  What ever the draw may be, do your score card and then envision the score card in ten years.  Will the values be the same?  Sometimes the value is in the least expected location which may be your best decision for long term value.

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