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Total Properties Listed: 10,350
Month / Month Chng: -0.66%
Avg Days on Market: 120
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Median List Price: $254,900
Month / Month Chng: 1.96%

Sellers Benefit to using a REALTOR

Seller Benefits of using a REALTOR:  Key factor to selling your property is being informed of the comparative market analysis, terms and conditions of the sale, financing accepted and listed price of the property.  Anything will sell if it is priced right!

Over 50% of Real Estate sales use the assistance of a cooperative broker.  The listing REALTOR will pay other REALTORS what is known as a buyer’s agent commission which is a percentage of their agreed listed commission. On the BLC (MLS) this in noted in the BAC section.

Now getting back to why you need a REALTOR to help sell your home. Your REALTOR will suggest to you repairs that will enhance the salability of the real estate.  Being the marketing coordinator for the sale of your real estate may come through the BLC (MLS), flyers, open house, e-flyers, or other marketing networks that Real Estate Agents have shown to work to present your property in the brightest light possible. 

82% of Real Estate sales is generated through previous contacts your agent has had with clients, other referrals, friends, family, personal contacts and business contacts.  I personally will contact lenders that I have come in contact with, give them the property information and ask if they have any client’s that are pre-approved for a loan and looking in this area of the listing or for the style of home that is listed?  You need to be creative with your contacts and utilize every source you have.

Security is a huge concern when you list a home.  How many times do we hear of people gong into a home during a for sale by owner showing and have some item come up missing.  When you list with a REALTOR, the home will never be looked at unless the listing broker or the possible selling broker is in the home with the clients.  Card Lock Box is used to store the key to the home and a special card is used to open the box.  The REALTOR will take responsibility to make sure the home is secured as soon as the clients leave the home.

A REALTOR will assist in negotiations to get the most value possible out of the home as well as negotiating inspections, financing requirements and issues that may arise from the appraisal.  This is what REALTORS do, they negotiate for their customers and they do it a lot.  The REALTORS eyes are trained to look for specific statement in the purchase agreement and are there to educate you along the way on the sale of  your home.

There are a number of factors that take place from the time of listing your home to the official closing.  As questions come up, your realtor can help.  You may not have had a title search done in a long time and low and behold, when the title  search is ran, the title company finds clouds or liens on the title work.  You can not pass clear title until all liens, judgments, and clouds are cleared.  This process can take an amazing amount of time and you may not know how to get in touch with everyone or what to do.  Your REALTOR will assist with helping you clear the title.  Now you can sell your home and pass clear title to the new owners.

To give you a complete breakdown of the process, I will start with you contacting a REALTOR or a Real Estate Company like Star Harbor Realty.  We will come to your home, walk through the home, make a list of what we think could help you sell your home, even if it is to de-clutter.  We will take measurements of the rooms and then talk to you about your ideas for selling the home.  The price you have in mind and what time frame you would like to be able to sell the home in.  We will leave you with a copy of the listing contract to read over as well as a Sellers Real Estate Sales Disclosure to fill out about the condition of the home.  We will take this information back to the office with us, do a comparative market analysis, compare tax records and then return to see you, share our information and then hopefully agree on Star Harbor Realty listing your property to sell.  If the contract is agreed upon, we will take pictures of the home and put it on the BLC (MLS) along with the other information we may have to trigger interest from the public.  We will schedule an open house and from this point forward, market your home aggressively.  When we receive a Purchase Agreement from a client, we will meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of the offer.  After tight negotiations, will keep close contact with the buyer to make sure they are not running in to any problems.  We will keep you informed of appraisals, inspections, additional walk through, etc  You will be walked to the closing table with peace of mind that your REALTOR got you the best deal they could get!. 

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